Sunday, January 4, 2009

This might be harder than it looks.

I feel I need to report on my first Wii attempt. Let's just say, the second one should be better. I just have to beat my daughter up in the morning to have the Wii to myself. Shouldn't be a problem.

For starters, it helps to set the darn thing up right. I had it backwards. That worked OK for the training stuff, but not so great for the games. When I zigged right, my soccer player zagged left. When I leaned left, my skiier went right. I did OK at hula hoop though! And I am already a Yoga Master. No way could I do the pushups though, that will be a while. So I logged a grand total of 12 minutes. Tomorrow I go for 15. I'm not even going to tell you what my Wii Fit age is because it took me more than half the test to figure out what I was supposed to be doing.

Eating yesterday was not so grand. I usually start a diet and figure I will start exercising eventually. Getting back to planning, shopping, cooking is not very appealing right now. Especially since we badly need a new oven and just can't go buy one right now. I will think about all of that tomorrow. Just call me Scarlett.


  1. Diana, Welcome to the blogging world! I just started last week! I love the support amongst bloggers and when you're struggling or need a boost there's always a blog to read to receive motivation from and people to help pull you back up.

    Hey, there's a Biggest Loser challenge starting soon amongst bloggers. Sign-ups are closed tonight. If you want to join go to It's going to be to awesome!

  2. I've been hoping to get a hold of Dance Dance Revolution on whatever game system I can get! I can so see myself doing that during the day alone... I love it!

  3. Diana! your journey sounds a lot like mine. I'm hoping to get my weight off and keep it off before I get any older. It gets harder the older we are! Good luck!

  4. How fun to come back to this blog and have comments! Kiki, I did sign up for the challenge, I just hope I don't hurt my team. World's slowest loser here.

    And Kate, DDR does look like fun. I also bought We Cheer, I'm going to try it. Isn't that hilarious?

  5. Welcome to the blogging world ! The Wii fir is fun , and thankfully it does not laugh when you make mistakes. Sadly, at different times your body test will show that you are older and fatter. I mean, how rude Mr Plastic board ! But don't let it get you down- it can be a pretty affective way to play and work out !

  6. Hi Diana
    I had to smile at your profile description "I'm a little old for a blogger, 55 last birthday." I'm 55 too and I only started blogging a few weeks before you did. I'm having such a great time...
    I've already learned a lot. First, about how to set up a blog and second, that there are so many wonderful, helpful, like-minded people out in the blogosphere.

    Although you and I are older than the average blogger, we're definitely not TOO old!