Monday, January 12, 2009

I've still got it!

I used to be an expert skiier. No kidding, I loved the black diamond trails. If you've ever been to Taos Ski Valley, I tackled the mogul run under the first lift on a regular basis. Kind of quit skiing after my daughter was born. Before that happened, I taught my husband to ski.

We had a little competition going this week on the Wii Fit. He spent over an hour besting me on the ski slalom and ski jump balance games. I got on today and beat him on both. Yay me!

Sadly, I'd be afraid to go skiing now. Not only am I completely out of shape for it (and my knees are shot from those moguls), snowboarders scare the cr_p out of me. Last time we went together, they were everywhere. I know it's the great new thing and has taken over everywhere, but I'm just an old skiier.

I was down 3 pounds today. Some of that was probably water, so I hope to hang on to it next week.

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