Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Skinny

aka The low down, the bad news. My weight for the start of the BL2 challenge is 186, height 5'4", BMI 32. I'm going to do measurements at the bottom of this post, so I can remember. My first goal is 173, that will put my BMI in the "overweight" range instead of "obese". We'll see what happens from there. If I can hit that in 14 weeks, I will be thrilled!

I've had pretty good dinners the last two nights, seared Ahi Tuna salad. Seared enough tuna the first night to have it cold the second night and it worked out for our family of three. That's the rule around here, if Mom cooks, everybody eats the same thing. They don't mind. And I picked up a box from the local organic farm yesterday, so we also had rainbow carrots boiled with a little butter and blue agave syrup. They were good! Maybe I need to start taking food pictures, will look for my camera. I suppose I need a starting pic of me too. Yuck.

Back on the Wii Fit this morning, only my second time in four days. I should note that we bowled on the Wii a couple nights ago for almost an hour, and I hurt myself. If you're right handed, bowling involves a lunge on the left leg, and certain parts of my left leg were not accustomed to that. DH was so impressed that I hurt myself fake bowling.

Anyway, 23 minutes on Wii Fit today. Still not ready to try the push ups again, do you suppose the trainer will know if I do Girl Push Ups? I will let you all know what she says.

I actually feel a little peppier! I still have not made a shopping list though, given that we actually have enough food in the fridge to last a while.

I'm going to watch the Biggest Loser tonight! I've never watched it, so I hope it's good!

Measurements for today, Jan. 6, 2009: bust 42; waist 38;hips 44; thighs 25; upper arms 12.5.


  1. Welcome to blogland and good luck with your journey! (And I'm 53 and also trying to get healthier. There are several of us in this age range in the blogosphere.)

  2. Can't wait to hear if the Wii can tell they are girl push ups LOL! Good for you on trying to get into the overweight category! Me too but I have a lot more to go.
    Keep up the good work and your meals sound amazing!!!