Friday, January 16, 2009

3 Pounds and Holding

Still doing my workouts, still trying to diet. We ate out two nights this week. I ordered carefully and only ate about half, but still.

I have a weigh in for the challenge on Monday, it would be nice to report another pound. So I will keep up the exercise this weekend, and I will cook!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I've still got it!

I used to be an expert skiier. No kidding, I loved the black diamond trails. If you've ever been to Taos Ski Valley, I tackled the mogul run under the first lift on a regular basis. Kind of quit skiing after my daughter was born. Before that happened, I taught my husband to ski.

We had a little competition going this week on the Wii Fit. He spent over an hour besting me on the ski slalom and ski jump balance games. I got on today and beat him on both. Yay me!

Sadly, I'd be afraid to go skiing now. Not only am I completely out of shape for it (and my knees are shot from those moguls), snowboarders scare the cr_p out of me. Last time we went together, they were everywhere. I know it's the great new thing and has taken over everywhere, but I'm just an old skiier.

I was down 3 pounds today. Some of that was probably water, so I hope to hang on to it next week.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Girlie Push-ups and Seafood Salads

Haven't posted in a few days, but I've been doing pretty good. At least twice more on the Wii Fit, 32 and 40 minutes. I'm going to do it today, too. There, it's in writing.

I did try to do girlie push-ups, and my Wii trainer didn't comment on it. But my husband called to chat after about six reps, so I didn't get any points because I quit. Does anyone else have a husband that never asks if you're busy before they just start talking? Anyway, next time!

The eating is going well too. I cooked some pretty low carb dinners this week with fish and lots of organic vegetables. I'm not the only one here that could stand to lose a few pounds, so no complaints. Last night we went to California Pizza Kitchen and I ordered the half Miso Seafood salad. So delicious! I hope it wasn't too bad, it did have a sprinkling of won ton strips in it, along with lots of shrimp and crab. The waiter did not offer bread, and I didn't ask.

One thing I haven't given up yet is my nightly glass of wine. If I have it, I can skip dessert. It 's my treat, and I make sure it's a yummy one. Red or white, love them all.

Go Team Lynn!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Skinny

aka The low down, the bad news. My weight for the start of the BL2 challenge is 186, height 5'4", BMI 32. I'm going to do measurements at the bottom of this post, so I can remember. My first goal is 173, that will put my BMI in the "overweight" range instead of "obese". We'll see what happens from there. If I can hit that in 14 weeks, I will be thrilled!

I've had pretty good dinners the last two nights, seared Ahi Tuna salad. Seared enough tuna the first night to have it cold the second night and it worked out for our family of three. That's the rule around here, if Mom cooks, everybody eats the same thing. They don't mind. And I picked up a box from the local organic farm yesterday, so we also had rainbow carrots boiled with a little butter and blue agave syrup. They were good! Maybe I need to start taking food pictures, will look for my camera. I suppose I need a starting pic of me too. Yuck.

Back on the Wii Fit this morning, only my second time in four days. I should note that we bowled on the Wii a couple nights ago for almost an hour, and I hurt myself. If you're right handed, bowling involves a lunge on the left leg, and certain parts of my left leg were not accustomed to that. DH was so impressed that I hurt myself fake bowling.

Anyway, 23 minutes on Wii Fit today. Still not ready to try the push ups again, do you suppose the trainer will know if I do Girl Push Ups? I will let you all know what she says.

I actually feel a little peppier! I still have not made a shopping list though, given that we actually have enough food in the fridge to last a while.

I'm going to watch the Biggest Loser tonight! I've never watched it, so I hope it's good!

Measurements for today, Jan. 6, 2009: bust 42; waist 38;hips 44; thighs 25; upper arms 12.5.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

This might be harder than it looks.

I feel I need to report on my first Wii attempt. Let's just say, the second one should be better. I just have to beat my daughter up in the morning to have the Wii to myself. Shouldn't be a problem.

For starters, it helps to set the darn thing up right. I had it backwards. That worked OK for the training stuff, but not so great for the games. When I zigged right, my soccer player zagged left. When I leaned left, my skiier went right. I did OK at hula hoop though! And I am already a Yoga Master. No way could I do the pushups though, that will be a while. So I logged a grand total of 12 minutes. Tomorrow I go for 15. I'm not even going to tell you what my Wii Fit age is because it took me more than half the test to figure out what I was supposed to be doing.

Eating yesterday was not so grand. I usually start a diet and figure I will start exercising eventually. Getting back to planning, shopping, cooking is not very appealing right now. Especially since we badly need a new oven and just can't go buy one right now. I will think about all of that tomorrow. Just call me Scarlett.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year, A New Wii

I am ready to restart, again. I can't even begin to count how many times I have started a new year with a resolution to lose weight. I'm guessing nearly everyone of my 55 new years, minus the first 10 or so. There was a time in my 20s, into my 30s, that I was so active and fit and that weight wasn't a huge issue. Those were the days!

I was doing fun stuff, things that kept me moving for hours a day. Racquetball, downhill skiing, but mostly, dancing. Partner dancing, swing, country, latin, for hours every night of the week. I couldn't imagine a time when dancing would not be part of my life.

Life changes, yes it does. I had a baby at age 37 and gained about 50 pounds. I even managed to bounce back from that (dancing helped), but then I got really sick a few years later. That stopped all movement for a couple of years and that 50 pounds came back. This time there was no baby.

Now I'm completely out of shape and about 40 pounds past healthy. I'm at an age where this could really cause problems. It seems every few days I feel the onset of something, an early symptom: diabetes, a stroke, a heart attack. Move it or lose is isn't just an abstract saying anymore!

My plan is simple, eat less and move more. Eating less is not such a problem, age has taken care of the insane cravings. But I still like some sugar, so South Beach works best for me. This blog is meant to help me stick to it this time. I hope to find some friends here that will encourage me to keep going.

Then there's the movement. I bought a Wii this Christmas as a family gift, along with some games and a Wii Fit. So far, it has mostly been used for Mario Kart. I still have a teenage daughter at home. My husband and I bowled a few hours two nights ago on it, and my butt is sore! I know I'm out of shape, but that's ridiculous. Anyway, I finally have the house (and the Wii) to myself for a few hours today, so today I crack out the Wii fit. That and a shopping list are my goals for today.
More tomorrow.